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Cardio/Movement Equipment

Incorporation of equipment that provides repetitive movement is fundamental in reprogramming the nervous system. The actions of biking and stepping while integrating the core in a reduced load-bearing position; provides the benefit of many repetitions in a short period of time. The benefits include increased stimulation and blood flow to extremities, increased strength and coordination, and potential for increased cardiovascular endurance.


Nustep® Recumbent Cross-Trainer

The TRS4000 provides simultaneous upper and lower body motion to work all the major muscle groups, helping users to burn calories, build strength, and improve their overall cardiovascular fitness.

It simulates a natural walking motion while eliminating undesirable joint stress and promoting functional fitness.



SCIFIT® PRO I (Adjustable Ergometer)

SCIFIT’s PRO1 is designed to provide all users dynamic upper body exercise. It offers both cardio and strength training capabilities. It is effective for strengthening arms and shoulders while recruiting the core stabilizing muscles. The wide range of crank height and crank length adjustability allows our clients to maximize their workout.




GameCycle Exer-Gaming at its Best!

The GameCycle provides clients with an engaging exercise outlet allowing all ages to “play their way” to better fitness. Combining movements of the upper extremities with visual feedback from the videogame there are a variety of neuromuscular reeducation benefits. Play Nintendo® Racing Games while getting a Great Workout!



Versaclimber® Total Body Climber Exerciser

Versaclimbing is a low impact, total body, functional training workout. Health clubs, physical therapy clinics, and professional teams worldwide use the VersaClimber for its cardio benefits and versatility.

The Versaclimber’s® action allows arm movement above the heart which has been shown to positively impact circulation and potentially increase cardiovascular fitness. Versaclimber® actively engages the body as a whole for a true cross-body workout.



Johnny G® Spin Bike

(Adapted for Working with Disabilities)

Star Trac® Elliptical


Strength Equipment

Free Motion® Dual Cable Cross

The FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross enhances strength by allowing users to perform movements that mimic activities in both sports and life. The trainers use the cable machines to functionally train the muscles of the entire body to work together while building stability and coordination. Many clients experience increased connectivity in affected muscles through the addition of resistance and weight.



Vortex Pro Trainer®

The Vortex Pro Trainer offers “Advanced Functional Training Featuring the Vortex Curve”. Dual weight stacks with multiple cable attachment points provides function, versatility, creativity and accessibility.



Cybex® Total Access Lat Pull Handicap-Inclusive Fitness Equipment



Kustom Built® Triceps' Press, Pullover, & Chest Press
Equipmentis designed for wheelchair users. They are available for use as part of our community open-gym program.



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