Brent T


Bessemer City, NC

Injury Level: C4/5
Injury Date: 11/1/2003


In November 2003 I sustained a C4/C5 incomplete spinal cord injury as a result of a fall. Although at the time I had no movement below my chest, I always believed I would walk again and thus I began my journey to recovery. After 1 ½ years of traditional therapy I was released despite now having the ability to move my entire left side and most of the right, but I was not yet content. Unaware that there was anything else out there, I became dependent upon myself to continue my recovery. There was never a lack of belief or determination, however the major obstacle to my recovery had become finding somewhere with the knowledge, equipment, and that also shared the same belief that I had (I could walk again).

This obstacle was removed with the discovery of exercise based therapy. Since beginning I have continued to make improvements taking each movement and building on it. My strength and stamina increase with each workout. I am now able to stand and walk with assistance only needed with my right leg. I am off all spasm medications and continue to see improvements both physically and mentally. I look forward to tackling this challenge and maintaining the determination that will get me to the ultimate goal.

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"My husband is C2 Spinal Cord Injury with Central Cord Syndrome...his spirits, his strength, his hope have all been renewed. He is so much stronger and determined. We thank God for sending us here, for filling this place with wonderful, gifted trainer [...]"
— Julia Cribb
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