Brent T


Bessemer City, NC

Injury Level: C4/5
Injury Date: 11/1/2003


In November 2003 I sustained a C4/C5 incomplete spinal cord injury as a result of a fall. Although at the time I had no movement below my chest, I always believed I would walk again and thus I began my journey to recovery. After 1 ½ years of traditional therapy I was released despite now having the ability to move my entire left side and most of the right, but I was not yet content. Unaware that there was anything else out there, I became dependent upon myself to continue my recovery. There was never a lack of belief or determination, however the major obstacle to my recovery had become finding somewhere with the knowledge, equipment, and that also shared the same belief that I had (I could walk again).

This obstacle was removed with the discovery of exercise based therapy. Since beginning I have continued to make improvements taking each movement and building on it. My strength and stamina increase with each workout. I am now able to stand and walk with assistance only needed with my right leg. I am off all spasm medications and continue to see improvements both physically and mentally. I look forward to tackling this challenge and maintaining the determination that will get me to the ultimate goal.

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