Casey T


After several weeks of being written out of work, doctor's appointments, scans, test, and several Emergancy Room visits, Casey was sent to Baptist Hospital.  While on the neurology floor there, Casey suffered a major stroke on July 18, 2015.  He spent 2 1/2 months in the hospital, had 4 surgeries and was in the Sticht Center for another 4 weeks.  After coming home we did in-home therapies and then spent the next six months going to a rehab center in Statesville.  We were dropped there because the therapist said we weren't making an improvement. Casey's father and I knew there had to be more to his story than this.  Fortunately, one of the therapist in Statesville told us about Race to Walk.  I am so grateful to the therapist and founders of Race to Walk who had the hearts to serve and knew that there was so much more to all our stories.

- Harriet T. (Casey's mother)


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"My name is John Kissane and I have secondary progressive MS. I've been confined to a wheelchair for about 4 years , about the same time I started going to race to walk. I use the wheelchair because I lack balance but I have my strength. Going to race [...]"
— John K.
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