Functional Exercise Equipment


Using a variety of modalities and equipment, the functional exercises are implemented to incorporate the total body in an effort to improve strength, coordination, stability, proprioception, and balance. Improvement in these areas provides the building blocks necessary for increased independence and an improvement in overall quality of life.

Equipment: Power Rack, Medicine Balls, Heavy Bag, Ab Dolly, Balance Discs, BOSU, Reebok Core Boards, Steps/Risers, Body Wedge, Pylo Boxes, Stability Balls, Ropes, Therabands, Wrist/Ankle Weights, Foam Rollers, Weight Vests, Body Bars, Dumbbells, and Airex Pads.



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"Race Walk is a phenomenal place! First of all I love it because of the staff, how fun and knowledgeable they are, and how helpful they are. Secondly, the equipment used is state-of-the-art! They find ways to contort my body and move me in ways I neve [...]"
— Sandy Wurzburger
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