Glenn R


Charlotte, NC

Injury Level: C2/3
Injury Date: 7/5/1996


I was injured on July 20, 1996 and was paralyzed from the neck down.  I spent a few years in a nursing home and then was able to live independently.   I currently am working on a degree in communications.  I plan to live on my own again in the near future.  Even though I can’t move many muscles I have chosen to continue to live my life to the fullest.

Even though it has been several years since my injury, I’ve been fortunate to start getting some movement in the past few years.  I am hopeful and confident that the Race To Walk program will help me come closer to my goals of regaining as much function as possible.  Like most, my ultimate goal is to walk again.  I have dedicated myself to hard work and look forward to each workout. 


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"My name is John Kissane and I have secondary progressive MS. I've been confined to a wheelchair for about 4 years , about the same time I started going to race to walk. I use the wheelchair because I lack balance but I have my strength. Going to race [...]"
— John Kissane
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