Jane B


Rock Hill, SC

Injury Level: C2/3
Injury Date: 2/12/2009


The injury occurred while shopping in Charlotte.  I apparently missed my step (no memory of that day) while crossing the parking lot onto the sidewalk and fell forward into  the building wall, fracturing my C2, C3 vertebrae (incomplete).  The injury paralyzed me from the neck down; I spent ten days at Carolina’s Medical Center in their ICU and was then flown to Shepherd Center in Atlanta where I remained for five months.  I have since continued out-patient therapy at Carolina Medical Center, Shepherd, and now at Race to Walk.

I have regained some movement in my legs and arms.  My goals are to improve overall body strength, be able to stand and pivot on my own, and eventually walk with the support of a walker, maybe more.  The Race to Walk program, I am pleased to say, is dedicated to helping me meet these goals.


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"Race Walk is a phenomenal place! First of all I love it because of the staff, how fun and knowledgeable they are, and how helpful they are. Secondly, the equipment used is state-of-the-art! They find ways to contort my body and move me in ways I neve [...]"
— Sandy Wurzburger
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