Repetitive Pattern Modalities™ (R.P.M.)


Repetitive Pattern Modality (R.P.M.) Training™: Recent research has led to an improved understanding of Neuroplasticity. Sensory input from repetitive movements such as walking is now widely accepted for its potential to reprogram the nervous system and improve function.


30' I-Beam Suspension System

The I-Beam suspension system incorporates specialty harnesses providing our clients the ability to safely train on multiple pieces of traditional and custom-adapted exercise equipment.


Biodex® Rehab Treadmill

The Biodex Treadmill is ideal for Neuro- Fitness training as it offers true zero starting speed, 1/10 mph increments from 0-10 mph, forward and reverse, and the ability to incline. This system allows us to stimulate Neuroplasticity through Step Training.


Biodex® Body Weight Suspension System

The Body Weight Suspension System is a mobile version of our I-Beam suspension system. It allows clients the ability to perform Step Training over ground as well as the freedom to perform weight bearing exercises throughout the facility.


Commercial Elliptical Adapted for Individuals with Neurological Disorders

The Powered Elliptical is a commercial elliptical machine that has been custom-adapted with a treadmill motor and controller. It offers clients the opportunity to simulate walking through a safe range of motion and variable speeds.


Rifton "Pacer" Gait Trainer

The “Pacer” Gait Trainer is so much more than a walker. It provides outstanding support in learning to walk, maintaining momentum, and building muscle skills.

It is specifically designed for individuals with neurological disorders where practice in gait training is key to regaining function. The “Pacer” provides the opportunity for safe and supported gait practice. Its solid, durable design can easily be adjusted to fit the needs of users.


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"I don't even remember what I did with my life before I found Race to Walk. When I was 23, I had a spontaneous brain stem stroke and locked-in syndrome which left me completely paralyzed from head to toe. Soon after, the local rehab hospital ran out [...]"
— Harshada
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