Shane H


Pleasant Garden, NC

Injury Level: C4/5
Injury Level: 10/9/2010



I have been involved in racing since I was six years old.  Whether it was go-carts, four wheelers, stock cars, or open wheel cars; racing is and will always be a huge part of my life.

On October 9, 2010, I was involved in a horrific accident while qualifying for the Silver Crown race at the Terra Haute Action Track in Indiana.  After hitting the retaining wall, the roll cage collapsed and I shattered my C4/C5 vertebrate and bruised my spinal cord.  In addition I also had a traumatic brain injury.  

I was airlifted to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.   I underwent two major surgeries in the first seventy-two hours.  One of the surgeries was to re-route an artery in my neck that had been damaged and the other surgery was to remove all of the fragments that were still in my neck and back from the vertebrate that had shattered.  During the second surgery, two eighteen inch rods were placed in my back to help stabilize my vertebrae.  I was at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis for approximately forty days before returning to Carolina’s Medical Center in Charlotte, NC to be a little closer to home.  

We researched spinal cord injury facilities, and the Shepherd Center in Atlanta was one of the top ten rehabilitation centers in the US.  On November 17th, I was flown to Atlanta, Ga, and checked into their hospital.  This was the first day I realized I was paralyzed; I don’t remember anything from October 9th until November 17th.

While there, I retained quite a bit of movement for my level of injury.   They taught me how to be as independent as possible.     I was at the Shepherd Center through the beginning of April (2011).  

I then returned home to Pleasant Garden, NC.  Once home, I took a much needed break for a month, and rested my body.  After that I began an activity-based program for individuals with paralysis at “Race To Walk”, in Mooresville, NC.  I attend training here three times a week.  I love and enjoy all of the therapists and the owners that help me with my recovery.

I now depend on my family and friends to help care for me.  My mother (Lisa), father (Steve), brother (Tyler), and girlfriend (Lindsay), all dedicate their time and energy helping, caring, and being there for me, everyday.  I depend on them to bathe me, dress me, and put me to bed.   I have come a long way since my accident back in October.  I see others and realize how lucky I am. Not only to be alive, but also to be able to move as much as I do and be as independent as I am.

My ultimate goal is the same as any other victim of paralysis, and that is to one day walk again. For now, I work as hard as I can every single day.  

Shane's Personal Story was featured on Speed Channel's "RACE HUB".  You can view in two parts:

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"My name is John Kissane and I have secondary progressive MS. I've been confined to a wheelchair for about 4 years , about the same time I started going to race to walk. I use the wheelchair because I lack balance but I have my strength. Going to race [...]"
— John K.
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