Thomas S


Goose Creek, SC

Injury Level: C6/7
Injury Date: 5/31/2008


My girlfriend and I were riding my jet ski back to the shore at a company get together at the lake.  As we idled in towards the beach I was the passenger and told her I was going to jump in. There were others waiting to go out next so I figured I’d let her take the ski all the way in while I cooled off in the water.  I jumped off towards the rear of the ski in a back dive.  I misjudged the distance and hit my neck on the hull breaking my C6/7 vertebrae.  I was conscious upon impact and my lifejacket kept me afloat as I was face down in the water.  Initially I was unable to move my arms or legs and subsequently drowned. My girlfriend realized I was in trouble and pulled me out of the water. CPR was conducted on the beach and I was sent to MUSC in Charleston, SC.  Doctors inserted two rods and a plate to stabilize my neck.  I flat lined once more at MUSC during the procedure to insert a central venous catheter and was defibrillated. 

I was later transferred to Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA.  I spent 4 months doing physical and occupational therapy and learning to adjust to living in a wheelchair.  After returning home I continued traditional therapy for several months until they ran out of things to do with me. I then started doing an exercise-based regimen at home and continued to increase my strength and stability. My goal is to get back on my feet, walk, and then run as I once did. I know it will be a long road but I am confident and ready to work.  

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"My husband is C2 Spinal Cord Injury with Central Cord Syndrome...his spirits, his strength, his hope have all been renewed. He is so much stronger and determined. We thank God for sending us here, for filling this place with wonderful, gifted trainer [...]"
— Julia C.
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